Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February - Month O' Lurvve!

Happy February Joy, Love & Work-ers!

Welcome to the 'loviest' month in the year, where hearts, flowers, diamonds and chocolates fill every inch of retail space, and truly love is in the air!

But whilst retailers would have us believe that's the case, in today's world we often have problems talking about love and are hesitant to do it for fear of being misconstrued, branded as a weirdo or landed with a sexual harassment lawsuit; it seems that part of our problem stems from the English language (also used by Americans!) in which we only have one miserly word for love :-(

By contrast, the original Greek used the Bible's new testament has four distinct words for love - Agape or brotherly love, Eros or passionate love, Philia or friendship and Storge or affection. There now, doesn't that make the whole idea of love seem more spacious and less risky to talk about?!

In February my 'cunning plan' is to explore some of these different forms of love as they relate to work and to find FABULOUS examples of the people who make them come to life every day...if YOU are one of these people please contact me - have I got an interview for you!

Go LOVE chaps!


  1. Hello Alison - love your blog! I love your reminder of the various distinctions of love, and how our limit in language can hinder our expression. We use a lot of code words - passion, affection, BFF, heart's desire - for different feelings, but the single word "love" is rich in meaning and nuance based upon the context.

    It reminds me of the common saying that the eskimos have 23 different words that mean snow, because the distinctions are important to them.

    Blog on, sistah! Love, Mj

  2. The kids and I were just talking about the different types of love, so thanks for the quick overview! Jen S