Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And I'd like to thank...

Hi Joy, Love and Work-ers - Happy Tuesday!

It's red carpet season, a time when actors and entertainment types are donning 'posh frocks & penguin suits' and anxiously waiting to see who will win the coveted awards for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Writing yesterday's blog really got me thinking about all of those fabulous teachers I've had over the years, and in particular pondering their astounding lessons and contributions to my work and life. It struck me that my teachers rarely receive the accolades and recognition they deserve, often because I just don't stop long enough to say a simple thank you, that must change and here's the first step:

My Teachers & Lessons Red Carpet List:
  1. For 'Treat them all the same that is, differently' Thanks Mum
  2. For 'A joke, a smile and a story are three of the most powerful things on earth' Thanks Dad
  3. For 'Technology is fun and exciting, but don't forget routine maintenance' Thanks Paul
  4. For 'Work hard and always have something to look forward to' Thanks Rache
  5. For 'Creative tension is a beautiful thing' Thanks Jasminder
  6. For 'It's all about the Guest' Thanks Mr B
  7. For 'Pennies & process matter. A lot' Thanks Audrey & Kristin
  8. For 'Strengths are always the right answer' Thanks Marcus
  9. For 'Worksheets, templates and tools are miracles waiting to happen' Thanks Amy
  10. For 'If you're not moving forward you're going backwards' Thanks Scott
  11. For 'Sometimes God shows up so powerfully he makes you cry, and that's OK' Thanks Uncle John
  12. For 'Catch people doing something right and fan the flame like crazy' Thanks Mr. M
  13. For 'Learn. Grow. Develop. Repeat' Thanks Sue
  14. For 'It's God's economy' Thanks Bob
  15. For 'Life is short' Thanks Larry
Getting my Red Carpet list down on paper was an emotional experience because I know many people on it will never realize that they and their lessons rarely leave my side; we may be geographically distant or haven't seen each other in years, but their wisdom and positive impact remains a constant companion for me

So today I challenge you to create your own list - who will make it onto your red carpet?

Have a GREAT day!

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