Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding the roller coaster

Happy Friday Joy, Love and Work-ers!

How's your week been? good times? bad times? Yep, me too; that'll be the roller coaster of life showing up large and in charge once again!!

I'm always fairly amazed by the time Friday swings around again at how different the week actually was from the one I had imagined in my head on Monday morning.

Most people who know me understand that 'I don't do detail' so intensive, detailed planning has never really worked for me; instead I like to have a 'directional map of the week' so I can ensure I'm moving in the right direction but still allow for the ups and downs, loops and switchbacks along the way.

My week started really well on all fronts, making progress at the gym, spending good time with people I care about, making headway at work and even managing to maintain positive relations with my small sausage dog by not being gone too much and giving her lots of 'crate time' which she doesn't enjoy.

And then it started to dip - a peculiar meeting...
     the dip got deeper - missed my beloved Bible study group...
          and faster - got stomach flu...

               and deeper - missed my fabulous friend's new job celebration
                    and faster - spent two days in bed...
                         and deeper -  a whole bunch of stuff not done.

Well that's not what I expected, and you know what? I think it's OK, there was a opposite and equal bunch of good stuff accruing at the same time

                         stuff not done - how important was it anyway?

                    two days in bed - could I have needed the rest?

               missed celebration - a future opportunity

          stomach flu - wonderful care and attention from friends and sausage dogs!

     missed bible study - absence makes the heart grow fonder

peculiar meeting - food for thought

I know that sometimes the roller coaster of life does take us on wild rides that we don't expect and can't prepare for, but in the middle of the craziness, the scariness and the madness there always seem to be little encouragements along the way if we just take the time to see them. Friday is one of those times to look back...

What roller coaster were you on this week?
Was is an up-hill chug?
Was is a wild, exciting ride?
Was it a frightening dip into the unknown?
Regardless of the ride, what were your little encouragements along the way?

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!

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