Thursday, February 17, 2011

YOUR Happy Place

Happy Thursday Chaps!

Do you have a 'Happy Place'? research* shows that being able to access our own Happy Place and go there often increases our performance, improves our state of mind and general well being. Getting there is MUCH easier than you think, here's how...

Ooooh, Oooooh activity alert!!!

1. Get a BIG piece of paper

2. Go through photos, magazines, search the internet to find pictures, quotes and words that:
  • light you up
  • Make your heart
  • make you smile

3. Stick all assembled materials onto your BIG sheet of paper, if they don't fit just get another or a bigger piece of paper!

4. Congratulations this is your HAPPY PLACE! - Woooo Hoooooo at last you've found it!!!

5. Spend a while just looking at it, taking it in and enjoying it

6. Take a picture of it and keep it on your phone

7. Print it out and put it where you work

8. Hang the original wherever you will be able to see it OFTEN

9. Every day look at (go to) your Happy Place, and if you are facing a challenging situation ensure to go there before and after.

Wasn't that EASY?

Let me know what happens now you've found your Happy Place :-)

* Barbara Fredrickson PH.D from book 'Positivity'

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