Sunday, March 24, 2013


I began writing Joy, Love and Work two years ago as a way to get into the discipline of writing regularly. I've known for a while that I have at least one book inside me that needs to get written but I struggle with routine and thus it could have stayed in forever had I not started cultivating some regular writing habits.

Last September I took a week off work and retreated 'up north' to a friends cabin to get the first draft of my book written, one week and 36,000 words later the draft was complete and much has happened since.

But book publishing seems to be a vast maze of complexity and as my book is 'non-traditional' (not a shocker for you I know!) the complexity seems even more complex. Will I ever get this book finished, published and into the land of the living???

And here's where the unfaithful bit comes in...sometimes I just hanker over that days of writing a cute little blog, just a few hundred words here and there - perhaps with a picture or some other illustration thrown in for good measure as opposed to trying to wrestle a whole book in existence which whilst no doubt will set the entire world of publishing alight (ha!) is proving to be a bit of a trial.

I'm sorry Joy, Love and Work that I've forsaken you for this time and energy hungry alternative. You helped me hone my craft and develop mad skills and now I've just left you languishing out here on the interweb without a second thought. Forgive me.