Monday, February 28, 2011

Last call for February Month O' Lurvve!

Happy Monday Joy, Love & Work-ers!

I hope you had simply SPLENDID weekends :-)

Wooo Hoooo - we made it! My adventure in the blogosphere has lasted an entire month - now admittedly February is the shortest month but frankly who's counting! - and I have to say I think I'm a little addicted but in a good way!

I started blogging to help develop the discipline of writing. Currently I occasionally write for my Church newsletter and sometimes for work, but I've had a creeping sense for a while that I have at least one and probably more books 'brewing' within me and the only thing stopping them emerge is that haven't developed any discipline around writing.

Discipline has always been something I have struggled with. Every profile or assessment I've ever taken indicates that I have never met a discipline that I really liked or wanted to embrace as my own. My patterns of thinking tend to flit from one thing to another, I'm always reading at least four or five books at once and I tend to leave many U.F.O's - Un-Finished-Objects in my wake.

But I really admire discipline.

The benefits that accrue from diligently working at something are evident for all to see; the brilliance of virtuoso performers, athletes, craftspeople and others who have spent many years in disciplined practice, execution and learning are simply amazing to behold. And discipline contains within it so much freedom - the freedom to improvise, the freedom to make breakthroughs, the freedom to innovate and invent.  Those freedoms are often only available to the few willing to have paid the price of entry through their previous years of discipline.

Even though I'm still a 'baby-blogger' my first month of 'disciplined' blogging has taught me a few things already:
1. You have to blog about your passions otherwise your posts will quickly evaporate
2. The best posts seem to come straight from the heart
3. Write down post ideas as they catch you, or they'll be lost forever
4. Planning too far ahead has its disadvantages, I discovered this when I designated February 'Month O' Lurvve' I thought I would have twenty eight days worth of fabulous love related posts, but as life would have it other stuff happened along the way and my 'Month O' Lurvve' was soon overtaken by different blog-worthy events.

So today is the last day of February and the last call for 'February Month O' Love'....going, going, gone!
See y'all in March!

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