Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Torn between two (or more) lovers

Morning Joy, Love and Work-ers! Happy Wednesday from a frigid Smith Towers! I inadvertently switched the heating off last night and it's a brisk 54 degrees here - brrrrrr - let's hope it focuses the mind!!

Well, we seem to have hit a nerve yesterday in our exploration of fabulous work-at-home Mums, I received lots of calls and notes, thank you, thank you! So today let's appreciate another fabulous Mum varietal, the work-at-home-and-at-a-job (WAHAAAJ) Mums!

"I always feel guilty about being in the wrong place, everything I do is a little bit below my expectations although others tell me I'm doing a great job; I don't know, perhaps one day I'll get the hang of it." This quote was from a colleague of mine who was talking about the life she has as a WAHAAAJ Mum. I remember being so touched by her revelation that I wrote it down with a question "Where's the JOY in this?"

It seems to me that our wonderful WAHAAAJ Mums are torn between two or more things they love - their families and their careers and/or income, benefits, grown-up time, individual identity - the list could go on and on and is probably unique in every situation.

I work with many WAHAAAJ Mums and frankly I have no idea how they do it. I can barely get myself to work on time and they have already spun together a whole complex choreographed production involving all kinds of people, attention spans, wardrobe choice, destinations and desires and they often manage to get all that done AND get their make-up on - a morning activity which almost always eludes me!

5 things I LOVE about WAHAAAJ Mums:
1. The makeup thing ;-)
2. They have awesome perspective and rarely make a drama out of a crisis
3. They can call upon reserves of energy that only WAHAAAJ Mums know exist
4. They understand the world doesn't revolve around them
5. They have a sense of humor and an inbuilt creativity

SO hug a WAHAAAJ Mum Today!

Bravo WAHAAAJ Mums! I'm a fan :-)


  1. Great blog Alison! I applaud the efforts of all "Mums!" They certainly have tough roles that NEVER end. This is why it is my goal in life to be "The Best Aunt in the World!" I want to support my brother and sister in the raising of my nephews and niece and I hope to be able to support many more mothers and fathers with my time and finances.

  2. Thanks Jokima - I'm lovin' it so far! I LOVE your goal to be the Best Aunt in the World and have no doubt you'll achieve your goal. You're a blessing to many sweet thing