Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The stuff that drives me CRAZY!

Yesterday was unusual, as many of you know I'm not one for details but yesterday it seemed many of them caught up with me. First I lost my work blackberry, then at lunchtime whilst letting the dog out I lost my house and car keys for 50 minutes and had to be rescued by my neighbor, subsequently I missed a lunch meeting with an old friend and new contact, and finally a simple wire transfer to the UK took almost an hour to complete.

I have to say Joy and Love appeared to have deserted me yesterday, I was grumpy, cross and really wanted to get back to Work but events just conspired to make that not happen.

I'm hoping today's going to be better and just had to share this fabulous song by Francesca Battistelli; clearly I'm not alone in having these kind of days!

What drives YOU crazy?

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