Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow story

Happy Monday - from a VERY snowy Minne-SNOW-ta!

Yesterday we had about twelve inches of snowfall, which was in dramatic contrast to previous week when we were basking in forty degree temperatures and our snow mountains thawed a bit. Oh well!

Here in the frozen tundra we get lots of opportunity to 'spend quality time' with snow and it's beautiful, each snowflake whether small and sparkly or big and fluffy is unique in its own way and it falls so gently, so gracefully, so delicately down it comes.

Driving in the snow on highways that have been snow-ploughed sets up whirling twisters of snow, they creep across the road in an eerie manner, looking like smoke or snakes writhing with the passing of every car, again so delicate almost etherial.

But snow is deceptive, a few hours of those gentle, graceful little snowflakes can leave behind a whole heap of trouble! Heavy machinery in the form of snow ploughs and snow blowers are required,  snow shoveling is literally back breaking work and forms the basis of a great workout!

I don't count snow as my friend, but moving to the frozen tundra has made me really in awe of it.

Snow is the most gentle, most silent, most graceful, most elegant of phenomena but over time it becomes much more trouble than you could ever imagine.

Snow teaches me that not everything has to be achieved with and speed; but rather that gentle, persistent effort over time can make devastating impact.

As I think about the work I do and the life I lead, I see clearly that persistence is not one of my strong suites, I would much rather go all out for a short time than endure day in and day out.

Perhaps I should make friends with the snow, it seems I have some valuable lessons to learn!

Stay safe and warm wherever you are.

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