Friday, March 25, 2011


Meet 'Panic Pete' my new best friend at work, generously donated by the lovely, sweet and talented Stephanie :-)

Panic Pete is bloomin' hilarious to be around, he looks like a mild mannered little pet toy but when you apply a little gentle pressure to his tummy his eyes, ears and nose literally jump out of his head. As I mentioned, he is hilarious, but then again I'm easily amused! 

I'm sure Panic Pete has many deep meaningful things to share with me about Joy, Love and Work, but right now he brings me JOY just to look at him, I LOVE how weird he is under pressure and he makes my already fabulous WORK even fabulouser (!) just by being around!

What brings Joy and Love to the work you do?

Have a GREAT weekend y'all and whatever you do DON'T PANIC!


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