Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keeping score

Morning Joy, Love and Work-ers - Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I was teaching a leadership class in Cleveland and one of the topics we were focused on was measurement of things that are really important and how we keep score.

As homework from a previous class, the participants had prepared fabulous scorecards which we displayed in our scorecard gallery, there were smiley faces, stars, thermometers, traffic lights, you name it and we had it there!

One of the big ah-ha's we had as we were reviewing the gallery is that even though some of the scorecards were very complex and sophisticated, the ones we were drawn to were much more simple and often were humorous too; one scorecard was titled "Are We There Yet?" which made us all chuckle!

Thinking about joy, love and work (as I do!) I feel that keeping score is important, how do we know if our work is making a difference? how do we know if we're getting better? do we love our work more or less? how much joy are we having or creating for others along the way?

These are questions I was wrestling with between 2-4am this morning, so I'm thinking that today's class might be slightly more muted than yesterdays!

How do you keep score? And what are you keeping score of?

Have a GREAT day :-)

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