Monday, March 7, 2011

Go for it!

Morning Joy, Love and Work-ers! Happy Monday :-)

Yesterday I got home from a WONDERFUL vacation in Alabama, a fabulous escape from the frozen tundra and I'm even more convinced that spring will eventually come!

So we're back at Monday again, the beginning of a new work week for some, a continuation of the work life for others and for pastors & priests, a well deserved day off!

Whatever Monday is for you, I encourage you to 'Go For It' with all that you have today, really show Monday what you are made of and then some! Why do I say this? well it has to do with the feeling you get after accomplishing something really big or doing something really well; that feeling of exhilaration and peace that says 'I did the very best I could and tonight I'll sleep soundly knowing that was the case.'
Some folks think this kind of feeling is reserved only for exercise and physical exertion and whilst those endorphins definitely give you that wonderful rush of well being, they are not exclusively reserved for the physical field. What about getting an endorphin rush from our work? now there's a thought.

So today let's really take the lid off, let's make a plan and then go full throttle, all guns blazing, up-an'-at-em, and let us know what happens, I know we're going to have some great results and stories to share.

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines please....

And they're off!

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