Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pre-jollyday mayhem!

I've noticed a strange and unnatural phenomenon...weeks, days, hours and minutes get shorter and speed up in direct correlation to the proximity of a vacation/holiday/jollyday.

It's really bizarre. Life can be zippin' along at a regular pace and all of a sudden 'Whoa Nelly!' the to-do list gets bigger (and more complex) the bi-partisan collaboration from family, friends and colleagues appears to get strained and things that are ordinarily easily accomplished take on a life of their own...and not in a good way.

Does this happen to you too, or is it just me?

I always like to leave my house clean and tidy for my return, this often means getting it to a far heightened state of cleanliness than I typically live in! Great logic Alison, those gleaming floors and faucets will be admired by precisely no one!

The garden too has to be virtually weed free, because as we all know, weeds instinctively know when you are traveling and grow much quicker in your absence! If i didn't get them all out before I go, they would probably invade the house while I'm away!

Work too seems to do funny things too, dormant projects spring to life, the calendar fills up fast with not a small micro-space between meetings and previously undemanding customers start getting cranky.

AND last but not least the social calendar which may have been a barren wasteland for weeks in advance gets on a real, breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, dinners just burst forth in an array of social frivolity worthy of a bygone age. It's incredible.

But you know what, I wouldn't trade pre-jollyday mayhem for anything, it's the thrill of the chase, the lure of 'lets just get one more thing accomplished' and the anticipation that at some fairly near time in the future when the boarding doors close and the portable electronic devices are turned off you can luxuriate in knowing that it's all done, what wasn't done will still be there when you get back, but for now just sit back and enjoy the ride.


  1. You describe that phenomenon so well, Alison. I can assure you that you are not alone!

    I have noticed the same thing happens prior to hosting out-of-town guests. I like to have everything 'just so' before my guests arrive so that I can relax and enjoy their company while they are in my home.

    I also agree that you get more accomplished. In fact, I view that as a side benefit of having house guests.