Monday, June 6, 2011

Action Stations!

Early summer in Minnesota always makes me chuckle - not in a bad way you understand, but just because of the sheer energetic-ness of it all!

Yes we finally see signs of coming out of the no-doubt-too-long-and-cold winter, but more importantly than that just the speed that everything and everyone moves from lock down hibernation into full-on living mode!

I first noticed the phenomena in the garden, let me explain... In England where I come from we have 'rolling seasons' they gradually roll from one to another. Spring arrives gradually and stays for a while, daffodils, bluebells and tulips seem in no hurry to bloom, and when they do finally arrive they hang a round a while to be enjoyed!

By contrast in Minnesota as soon as the snow disappears all the little greenies just seem to hurl themselves out of the ground, they grow at an alarming rate and then poof! they're all over.

Lake life also starts moving faster, the water and the paths surrounding lakes seem to fill to capacity almost overnight, people increase their pace going from a gentle stroll with two or four legged friends to brisk paced, high octane working out no doubt trying to get in shape for summer clothes.

Then of course there are the graduation ceremonies, little peanuts graduate from kindergarden, high school students are finally done with school-school, and 'the learned' leave university to find there place in the world. It's all go!

Lastly the Friday afternoon exodus north 'to the cabin' on a lake begins. Folks plan ahead, leave work earlier in order to avoid the worst of the traffic and to spend more precious time with families and friends on the water. Only to reverse the whole process on Sunday evening to be back in time for work on Monday!

See what I mean? Minnesota summers are all action, don't take no for an answer, full on fun fests!

Yeah for the sheer energy and enthusiasm of Minnesotan summers!

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