Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you for being a friend

Tonight I had the enormous privilege of getting together with fabulous folks I used to work with in what now seems like a previous life, but in fact was just another job.

Conversation flowed, our interest in each other was both real and palpable and time just flew past. Laughter, celebration, curiosity and just plain old listening were all there in spades; there just wasn't enough time to get all the catching up, brainstorming, plotting and scheming done. We all wanted more and were sad when the evening ended.

And why is that?

I know when I'm in the fray of a job, project or work challenge I rarely feel like stopping to make it a 'Kodak Moment'* in fact the very opposite is often true, often I just put my head down and power through whatever is the particular 'problem d'jour'.

But on the inside something very different is happening, the folks who are in the same boat with me are by some strange mystical force branded with the same iron; we may have different actual memories but our solidarity and commitment to each other remains the intact. We remember that at one (or more) times in the past is was 'Us Against' whatever foe might have been besetting us at the time - internal or external  - and the fact that we lived to tell the tales is what matters.

These shared experiences force us to learn about each other really fast, we see how each other handles stress, life, relationships, values and oh yes not

I'm so thankful for my work-friends both present and past; we share a rich heritage of secrets, language, learning and achievement that is impossible to replicate and frankly why would you even try?

Friends at Work = Joy & Love

*If you don't understand what a Kodak Moment is your are either Julie Drogemueller or Mandi Torrenga; please access Personal Electronic Device for the answer :-)

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