Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Five More Minutes...

I really like my work.

No that's not right, I really, REALLY like my work...so why is it soooo harrrrrd on the first day back after a holiday?

And it wasn't like my holiday was extensive or exotic, instead it was just four days at home doing lots of gardening and household jobs and spending 'quality time' with my small sausage dog; but nevertheless getting up this morning was an effort equivalent of scaling everest and at 8:46pm I'm ready for bed.

Perhaps I'm just getting old?

Well of that there is absolutely no doubt! but it's probably not age that causes my problems getting back in the swing of things, it's habit.

Scientific evidence proves that difficult things are hard to do, especially when we find them physically, mentally or emotionally challenging. If we had to muster equivalent effort to do the difficult things we do every day we would fail all the time.

So how do we get anything done?

Difficult things aren't achieved with extraordinary efforts in one foul swoop. Instead they are achieved by small habitual efforts over time. Habit causes the body and brain to almost disregard the effort being expended, instead just seeing the habitual activity as an everyday part of life.

This is why marathon runners can run marathons, why E.R Doctors and Nurses can work at such high levels of stress over such long periods of time and why Parents can operate 24/7, 365 for 18 plus years; its all a matter of habit.

So when my 5am alarm doesn't go off, my body is active vs. sedentary and my mind is focused on things other than organizational design and development, my ingrained habits start eroding and the question of 'do I REALLY need to get up ' surfaces.

The answer is YES.

The reason is because I Love my work.

But I Love my holidays too :-)

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