Saturday, May 14, 2011

Falling off the Wagon...

Does that ever happen to you? You get all excited about something - literally hitch yourself to a new wagon - perhaps even buy new equipment, clothing, shoes and accessories then all of a sudden you find the wagon has left but you're still where you were - with a whole bunch of new stuff - clearly the hitching came undone somewhere along the trail!

Well it appears that's what may have happened with me and my poor sweet blog :-( I started with a great RUSH of enthusiasm, fueled by my desire to write a book, blogging seemed like a lovely simple 'warm-up' exercise. I got into a great routine blogging daily or thereabouts and became completely hooked on the stats page which let me know who was reading the blog from where in the world, and then...

.............nothing, nada, zip

And I missed you!

But I'm back, well at least for today!!

'Falling off the wagon' has some dubious connotations often relating to drinking or other addictive habits, but for me being on and off wagons is really a way of life.

Like you I have many influences and choices in my life all representing different wagons, some of which appear to be traveling in vastly different directions. In order to make any progress in life, we have to choose which wagon(s) we're going to jump on and which we're going to let pass us by. We can't ride all the wagons all the time, there just isn't enough of us to go round.

Some wagons we ride we have no choice about, we may have been born into them or have them foisted upon us as a result of circumstance, but other wagons we can choose. We can choose to get on AND we can choose to get off.

Today I'm choosing to get back on my Joy, Love and Work blog wagon, and if you choose it too lets strap ourselves in and get ready for another GREAT adventure on this wagon of words!

Yeeee Haaaa!

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  1. I know, too well, exactly of what you speak. Keep blogging. You have important, valuable, and interesting things to share.