Monday, April 11, 2011

Transformation and a Life's Work of Joy & Love

Happy Monday Joy, Love & Workers!

I hope you all had a lovely springy weekend :-)

My weekend was filled with all kinds of things that started me thinking about transformation. The first thing was a charity walk on Saturday in support of Alexandra House, a shelter for battered women in Blaine. We walked alongside harrowing stories of everyday folks whose lives have been forever transformed by the presence of someone whose purpose was to harm and destroy; who used cruelty rather than kindness, inflicted pain instead of comfort and ultimately who took a precious life. It was horrific.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a victim of this kind of abuse but I'm told that the transformation in the victim is astounding. From outgoing to reserved, from cheerful to depressed and from trusting to terrified. It breaks my heart.

I'm always so amazed by the work that staff at places like Alexandra House do in the world, the positive transformations they make in the lives of hurting and broken people and their families. If the presence of earthly angels is ever questioned, I'd wager that a high proportion of them would be found there.

On Saturday we heard from an impassioned Mother and Grandmother who lost her twenty two year old Daughter at the hands of an obsessed killer. This amazing woman's life work is to share with other teenagers the truth about the dangers of abusive relationships; time and time again she stands up and tells her dreadful story in order that others may be alerted to these dangers and make different choices or get the help they need. I cannot imagine the toll it takes each time she tells the story, but she does it over and over again.

It's her work of Joy and Love in memory of her Daughter and I for one am humbled by her work.

My other big transforming moment happened overnight on Saturday, we had all gone to bed with the surrounding landscape looking bleak as befits grass that has been snow covered for many months, but overnight a huge storm blew in featuring thunder & lightening, wind and RAIN, lots of rain!

In the morning the transformation was amazing, it's was like someone had taken a paintbrush and just painted green on every patch of grass. What an amazing transformation.

I know my transformational experiences this weekend were linked, I need to noodle exactly how that might be the case but I don't believe in coincidences, just God-instances; I see him at work and am so very thankful.

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