Sunday, February 12, 2012

Almost There!

Happy Sunday Fabulous Ones!

Thanks again for all your encouragement, support AND extra donations that arrived this week - YOU CHAPS ROCK EVEN MORE!

Here's the whole team! Sorry about the miniature photo, i could'nt work out how to enlarge it :-(

This week has been all about packing, final preparation and working out what we may have forgotten earlier! I also got to spend more time with the fabulous Ed & Candy Nelson to develop the leadership retreats. We've designed what we hope will be great, uplifting events for the Pastors and Deacons entitled The Profoundly Refreshing Retreat or PRR for short! It will include bible readings, worship songs, discussion, lunch, a workshop, prayer and a closing devotional from the lovely Ed. I'm excited just thinking about it and so hope it truly blesses the folks we are sent to serve.

We drop our bags off at church on 7pm Friday 17th and then have to be back at church at 3am on Saturday 18th to board the bus for the airport! I'm thinking sleep may be a short lived thing on Friday night! We'll spend a night in Guatemala City and then on Sunday 19th head off to Lake Atitlan which is where we will spend the rest of the week - woooo hoooo!

Here's where we'll be... 

Many of you have asked what you can do to support us while we're gone and the simple answer is to pray! To assist you here is our supporters prayer guide...

Firstly please keep all our ministries in your prayers this week...

+ Construction + Medical & Dental + Teaching + Teens & Children's + Leadership Training + Water Filtration + Water Education + Computer Skills Development +  Men & Women's One to One 

Next here's how you can pray each day...

Saturday 18th February
+ Pray for safe travels particularly for our team members coming from different parts of the country. Pray that all goes well as we process through customs (with all you wonderful donated items and computers)

Sunday 19th February
+ Pray for continued fellowship and team building as we start our on-site preparations for our week of ministry. Pray that God will be preparing our hearts to touch those we serve.

Monday 20th February
- Pray that God would continue to guide us as we begin our work and that he would provide us with patience and peace as things may not go as 'we' had planned.
- Pray for safety in our travels around the lake
- Pray as we serve in the villages of Panajachel and Santa Clara

Tuesday 21st February
+ Pray that God would open our eyes so we can see how he is working through the ministries that we are part of and that he will help us keep our eyes focused on Jesus.
+ Pray as we serve in the villages of Chakaya, Tzan Chaj and Santiago.

Wednesday 22nd February
+ Praise to God as he guides us through the halfway point of our trip. We are thankful for everything he is revealing to us and the relationships he is building.
+ Pray as we serve in the village of San Lucas.

Thursday 23rd February
+ Pray for continued health and strength as we near the end of our week of serving.
+ Pray for the Pastors around the lake and their churches, Pray that God would continue to bless and encourage them and their families.
+ Pray for a wonderful God-filled evening of praise and worship as we gather together with the churches to celebrate tonight.
+ Pray as we serve in the village of San Pedro.

Friday 24th February
+ Pray that as we finish up our work, God will be filling our hearts with joy and that he would be comforting as we say goodbye to friends old and new.
+ Pray as we serve in the village of San Pablo.

Saturday 25th February
+ A special day as we head out to dedicate the homes that have been built during the week.
+ Pray for the families receiving these homes that God would continue to bless them and provide for their needs.

Sunday 26th February
+ Praise to God for the time we have in Antiqua for a little R&R and for the first time that we are able to collectively reflect on our experiences of the week.
+ Pray that God has opened our hearts, minds and eyes to received everything he had planned for each of us, and that we would be changed by our experience of witnessing God at work.

Monday 27th February
+ Pray for the team as we head back home
+ Pray for safe travels and for our weary hearts and bodies after a week of serving.
+ Continue to pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Guatemala.

And finally to keep you updated with our progress, log onto our blog

Again, a thousand THANK YOU's for all you've done so far and hopefully will continue to do throughout our trip, words cannot describe how truly grateful and humbled i am by your support. It takes a village to raise up a missionary (even a short-term missionary) and I'm so thrilled that you are my village.

Love, Hugs and BEST Blessings to you and yours


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